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The Application of Linear Bearings in Oil Stone Grinding Equipment

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The Application of Linear Bearings in Oil Stone Grinding Equipment

In the manufacturing process of railway freight cars, oilstones are used to grind the key mating surfaces of brake valve components to ensure the surface accuracy of the brake valve. Before grinding brake valve components with oil stones, it is necessary to first grind the oil stones to ensure that the surface accuracy of the oil stone grinding surface meets the requirements of the next process. Linear bearings play an important role in this process. The quality of the grinding of the oilstone itself directly determines the accuracy of the brake valve and whether the brake system function can be achieved. At the same time, the grinding efficiency of the oilstone also determines the production efficiency of the brake valve.

The oil stone grinding equipment requires linear bearings, and the frame maintains the stability of the grinding plate. The bottom of the support legs of the frame is equipped with adjustment nuts to level the working surface; There is a cross slide on the rack, which can drive the adjustment frame to perform longitudinal and transverse movements. The transverse linear motion module of the cross slide includes an electric motor, a coupling, a slider, a linear guide rail, a screw rod, a screw nut, a connecting plate, and a retainer. The longitudinal linear motion module is placed above the transverse linear motion module and consists of an electric motor, a slider, a linear guide rail, a toothed wheel, a toothed belt, and an adjustment frame. The adjustment frame is connected to the slider and toothed belt on the linear guide rail. The configuration of the linear bearing is shown in the following figure.

The longitudinal linear motion module is connected to the transverse linear motion module through a connecting plate. Connect the threaded nut and slide between the connecting plate and the lateral linear motion module. Block connection, connected to the fixed bracket of the longitudinal linear motion model.

The adjustment frame composition plays a role in providing appropriate downward pressure and maintaining force balance during the movement of the oil stone. Its structure includes a fixed cylinder, box type linear bearing, connecting rod pressure head, oil stone fixture, and oil stone.

The connecting rod moves vertically inside the box type linear bearing, with one end connected to the piston rod of the cylinder and the other end hinged to the oilstone fixture, where the oilstone is embedded; Spring sleeve on guide pillar; The guide pillar connects the turntable with the oilstone fixture, which can be adjusted according to the position of the turntable and fixed with a locking nut.

Summary: The horizontal and vertical linear guide rails of the cross slide and the box type linear bearings of the adjustment frame are used to ensure that there is no gap between the motion connecting pairs, and the grinding process is smooth and without shaking.

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