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Application of Linear Bearing Structure in Aircraft Simulation Parameter Testing

Issuing time:2022-10-29 08:51Author:直线轴承Source:直线轴承Link:http://www.hl-bearing.com/

The pouring machine is an essential part of modern casting process, and its structure and working mode have a direct impact on the efficiency of pouring and the quality of castings. By using the stress and deformation analysis function of ANSYS Workbench, the rail wheel semi-automatic double-sided pouring machine is optimized. In the modeling and analysis, linear bearings are involved in many aspects.

As the load-bearing device of the pouring machine, the frame is the part where the force and deformation of the pouring machine are large, and the concave frame, as the main structure supporting the pouring ladle, requires targeted analysis. Linear bearings will have an impact on the structural strength of the concave frame, so linear bearing and slider models are added to the modeling. Consider the weight and dynamic load of the pouring machine's ladle, and select the technical specifications for the linear bearing and matching slider.

Perform finite element structural static analysis on the model. The linear bearing and slider should be simplified as one unit, and self weight load should be applied according to the actual working conditions. The working load of 1.6 kN should be loaded on the surface of the two linear bearing sliders; Apply fixed support to the connection between the concave frame, front frame, and rear frame, and apply bonded solid to the contact surface between the linear bearing and the concave frame. Then, analyze and calculate the corresponding stress and overall deformation. According to the actual working conditions, it is calculated that the deformation of the linear bearing and the two wing structures exceeds the design requirements, and it is necessary to strengthen them.

According to the stress and deformation analysis results of the concave frame, the deformation of the linear bearing is due to the excessive distance between the two brackets, which causes the linear bearing to bear excessive torque. According to the deformation distribution cloud map, the deformation of the concave frame has an inward bending property. In order to balance both sides of the bearing, the inner side of the concave frame should be strengthened, so when designing the support beam, it should be biased towards the inner side. Due to the excessive deformation, it is known that the initial design structure is unreasonable. Therefore, the optimization measure is to design support components on the support beam to reduce the deformation of the linear bearing.

When the slider is in the middle of the frame, the Z major deformation is at the top of the linear bearing, causing deformation δ   Approximately 0.6 mm. When the slider is at the working Z large stroke position, it is known that the Z large deformation is at the intersection of the two wings and the reinforcing rod, and the linear bearing Z large deformation δ   Approximately 2 mm. Considering the surface tension obtained from the fastening of the slider and the pouring ladle support, as well as the support force of the ball screw in the lateral displacement device, the Z-large deformation of the linear bearing should actually be less than 1 mm. According to literature, it is known that it meets the working requirements of the linear bearing. Therefore, the optimized structure can meet the design requirements.

Comparative studies have shown that the combined linear bearing elastic hinge has stronger axial load and thrust bearing capacity, lower mechanical damping (with slight changes in mechanical damping for different models, basically at the level of 10-4), and better safety assurance. Therefore, the dynamic wind tunnel tests all use the combined linear bearing elastic hinge mechanism.

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