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Basic requirements for storing linear bearings in a warehouse

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Basic requirements for storing linear bearings in a warehouse

1. Requirements for storage location

Linear bearings are generally stored in warehouses, but the relative humidity in the warehouse should not exceed 60%, the room temperature should be around 25 ℃, and the temperature difference should not be too large. Do not store corrosive products such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical raw materials, and objects with high moisture content in the same warehouse. The storage location of linear bearings should avoid direct sunlight, have good ventilation, and a clean environment.

2. Storage method requirements

Different linear bearing products have different storage methods, and incorrect methods can also have adverse effects on the bearings. Small bearings are recommended to be placed flat on a shelf about 750px above the ground. Large linear bearings cannot be placed in a vertical position as uneven force can cause permanent deformation of the bearings. Therefore, they should be stored in a horizontal position.

3. Requirements before storage

It is very important to check whether the outer packaging is intact before storing linear bearings. If the outer packaging of the bearing is damaged before storage, even if the storage conditions are good, problems will still occur, which will affect the quality of the linear bearing. Once any defects are found in the outer packaging, it should be repackaged immediately.

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