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Comparison of the selection of linear bearings and oil-free bushings

Issuing time:2022-10-29 08:45Author:直线轴承Source:直线轴承Link:http://www.hl-bearing.com/

Comparison of the selection of linear bearings and oil-free bushings

Mechanical design users may be confused about the selection of linear bearings and oil-free bushings, thinking that they can be mixed, but in reality, this is incorrect.

1. There is a significant difference in performance between linear bearings and oil-free bushings, both of which can be used in conjunction with guide shafts, but the resulting usage effects are different.

2. Linear bearings have rolling friction with steel ball devices inside, while oil-free bushings have sliding friction, which determines that during operation, the resistance of linear bearings is much smaller than that of oil-free bushings.

3. Choosing linear bearings will result in higher costs compared to oil-free bushings.

There are certain differences between linear bearings and oil-free bushings in terms of performance, construction, and cost, so there are also differences in actual usage effects. We should fully consider the actual usage needs, usage scenarios, and the above factors in order to ensure that we can choose high-quality products that are suitable for ourselves to a large extent.

For the selection of linear bearings, it is recommended to choose reputable manufacturers and large platforms, which can provide us with more guarantees in terms of product performance, quality, and after-sales service. Choosing a good platform and manufacturer is also crucial for selecting the right product.

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