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Basic application of tolerance levels for linear bearings

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Basic application of tolerance levels for linear bearings

Linear bearings are widely used in the field of mechanical motion transmission, as they can achieve smooth linear motion with high sensitivity and accuracy. In mechanical design, the tolerance level of linear bearings is an important parameter.

The tolerance level, also known as precision level, of linear bearings is generally divided into 0, 6, 6X, 5, 4, and 2 levels. The old tolerance level codes were G, E, Ex, D, C, and B. The tolerance level is from low to high.

Each tolerance level of linear bearings has different requirements in size, rotation, and appearance quality. The higher the level, the stricter the requirements, and the more complete the performance of the product. Of course, the price of the product will also be higher.

The existence of clearance in linear bearings is to ensure the flexible and unobstructed operation of the bearings, while also ensuring the smooth operation of the bearings. The accuracy level of linear bearings is not directly related to the clearance of linear bearings. The radial clearance of radial linear bearings is generally divided into groups C2, C0, C3, C4, and C5. The numerical range of clearance is from small to large.

Each tolerance level of linear bearings can choose each set of clearance, but the selection of clearance groups must be based on specific working conditions, temperature, load in the application, and the configuration of linear bearings, in order to achieve the various precision functions of linear bearings.

Products with lower precision levels can have larger clearance groups, while products with higher precision levels have smaller or even negative clearances.

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