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Although the structure of linear bearings is small, their applications are extraordinary

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Although the structure of linear bearings is small, their applications are extraordinary

Linear bearings typically consist of five structural components: casing, guide shaft, steel ball cage, ball, and sealing gasket.

Linear bearings are used in combination with guide shafts to achieve infinite linear motion through the rolling motion of ball bearings in a straight motion system. Due to the contact between the bearing ball and the outer sleeve of the bearing, the load is small, and the steel ball rolls with a small friction resistance of Z. Therefore, linear bearings have the characteristics of low friction, relatively stable, and not changing with the bearing speed, and can achieve high sensitivity and accuracy in smooth linear motion.

A linear bearing is equipped with a steel ball cage inside the outer ring, which is equipped with multiple rolling balls that move in an infinite cycle. The two ends of the cage are fixed with sealing gaskets and retaining rings, and there are notch windows in the straight track direction where each steel ball works under force. This part allows the loaded steel ball to make rolling contact with the shaft and move relatively with a very low coefficient of friction.

However, linear bearings also have their limitations. The main issue with Z is that the bearing has poor impact load capacity and load-bearing capacity. Secondly, linear bearings experience significant vibration and noise during high-speed motion.

Linear bearings are suitable bearings for mechanical equipment, automation equipment, energy-saving equipment, etc. It is widely used in precision equipment such as tensile testing machines and digital three-dimensional coordinate measurement equipment. It is also widely used in industrial machinery such as multi axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, card sorting machines, and food packaging machines.

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