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How much do you know about the conventional classification of linear bearings

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What is the conventional classification of linear bearings

The basic classification of linear bearings can generally be understood from three dimensions.

1. Classified by Main Materials

Shell: stainless steel, bearing steel, aluminum alloy (with seat linear bearings), etc.

Cage: Made of resin, stainless steel, and bearing steel.

Surface treatment: chrome plating, nickel plating, surface anodizing (linear bearing outer fixed seat), etc.

2. Classification by structural shape

Open type, closed type.

Straight column type, single lining type (ordinary type), double lining type (extended type).

Single lined with flange, double lined with flange.

Two sided cutting flange type, middle cutting flange type, and four sided cutting flange type.

Elevated square with fixed seat (made of aluminum alloy with anodized surface), widened square with fixed seat, etc.

3. Classified by regular series

Linear bearings are divided into two major series by series, namely LM and LME series.

The LM series is used in Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, China, and more.

The LME series is commonly used in Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. The structural characteristics of the two series are roughly the same, except for differences in size and aperture tolerances.

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