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What should be noted during the use of linear bearings?

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What should be noted during the use of linear bearings?

Linear bearings are a type of linear motion system. The steel ball rolls with minimal frictional resistance and has the advantages of low friction and high stability due to the contact between the bearing ball and the outer shell of the bearing. So linear bearings are widely used, such as multi axis machine tools, punching machines, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, and so on, and their presence can be seen on almost all industrial machinery.

However, when pursuing the high sensitivity and precision characteristics of linear bearings, it is also necessary to take good care and maintenance to extend the service life of linear bearings. Today, let's talk about what to pay attention to when using linear bearings?


The surface of the outer shell of linear bearings is divided into stainless steel, bearing steel, and aluminum alloy. The surface of the bearing steel is extremely prone to rust, so when using this type of linear bearings, the following points should be noted:

1. Avoid direct contact with linear bearings by hand to prevent sweat stains from sticking to the hands and causing corrosion

2. Spray anti rust oil in a timely manner after installation to leave a layer of oil film on the surface of the product.

3. Regularly maintain according to usage frequency and environment.

If conditions permit and there are rust prevention requirements, products with surface treatment can be directly selected.

Dust prevention aspect

In dusty and dirty environments, it is recommended to use bearings with sealing rings; In woodworking machinery, casting machinery and other occasions, both ends of the bearings need to be sealed to prevent dust from entering. Because dust and oil can block the ball path of the retainer, preventing the steel ball from rotating, causing damage to the retainer and the steel ball to squeeze out. In addition, iron filings can greatly reduce the lifespan of linear bearings.

Lubrication aspect

The rust proof oil applied to linear bearings at the factory does not provide lubrication. Before use, they should be cleaned, dried, and then lubricated with grease. Suggest applying on the inner ball row of the linear bearing and supplementing it in a timely manner in the future.

When the lubrication of the linear bearing is insufficient, local frictional heat can easily cause local deformation and micro welding of the friction surface, and even local melting, resulting in wear and failure of the linear bearing.

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