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Is the linear guide maintained in this way for a longer service life?

Issuing time:2022-10-29 08:30Author:直线导轨Source:直线导轨Link:http://www.hl-bearing.com/

Is the linear guide maintained in this way for a longer service life?

With the development of industrial automation, as an important transmission component in mechanical equipment, the usage rate of linear guides is increasing. Linear guides are mainly used in mechanical structures with high precision requirements, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high loads.

High precision requires meticulous maintenance. In daily use, what maintenance can be done to maintain its high precision and extend its service life?

1. Cleaning

During the operation of linear guide rails, machining parts will generate a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke, which will accumulate on the surface of the guide rails for a long time and have a significant impact on machining accuracy. When the iron filings generated by the machining part fall from the groove, the surface of the steel part becomes tired and overloaded, and the steel balls will fall off, which also affects the service life of the linear guide rail.

2. Lubrication

Linear guide rails belong to frictional motion, and the heat and wear generated by friction can also affect the service life of the guide rails, so daily lubrication is very important.

——Before use: The linear guide rail will undergo rust prevention treatment when leaving the factory, so before use, it is necessary to clean the rust prevention oil and then add lubricating oil.

——In use: The linear guide rail has a self lubricating slider, and the operating condition is checked regularly. If there is no oil film covering the surface, immediately add lubricating oil; If there is dust and metal dust covering the surface, clean it with kerosene first and then add lubricating oil.

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