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What is the reason for the increase in friction in linear bearings? How to solve it

Issuing time:2022-10-25 14:19Author:直线轴承Source:直线轴承

What is the reason for the increase in friction in linear bearings? How to solve it

Almost all machinery uses a component that has the advantages of low friction and high stability. This is a linear bearing, which is a low-cost production linear motion system.

The load-bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft and rotates with minimal frictional resistance, resulting in low load and high-precision smooth motion. However, some inevitable friction can cause unnecessary energy consumption, exacerbate the wear of linear bearings during use, affect transmission efficiency, and even lifespan.

For example, after wear and tear, prolonged and unsmooth operation can cause excessive internal clearance of bearings, resulting in noise or vibration. Moreover, the large amount of heat generated during the friction process is more likely to burn the surface of the bearing, causing changes in size and affecting accuracy. Moreover, heat can also cause lubricant deterioration, ultimately leading to bearing damage and failure.

So what causes the inevitable friction in linear bearings?

1. Fatigue state of the contact point surface;

2. The corrosive effect of acidic substances inside the bearing causes surface roughness.

So how can we solve this phenomenon? The use of appropriate lubricating oil is an effective and direct solution to reduce the friction of linear bearings. Manufacturers generally use the method of elastohydrodynamic lubrication to achieve the ideal state of linear bearings.


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