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The selection of an open linear bearing system is suitable if it is easy to use

Issuing time:2022-10-25 14:11Author:宁波直线轴承Source:宁波直线轴承

Linear bearings are classified into standard types, clearance adjustment types, open type, extended type, etc. The open series we often recommend is preferred for applications that require high rigidity, high load-bearing capacity, long travel, heavy load, and low cost.

Linear bearings can be understood as a low-cost linear motion system used in conjunction with cylindrical shafts for infinite travel. Due to the point contact between the load-bearing sphere and the axis, the steel ball has the characteristic of low usage load. It rotates with minimal frictional resistance, thus achieving high-precision smooth motion.

Open type linear bearings are specifically designed and manufactured for certain special occasions, such as in machine tools, special machinery, conveyor devices, and other heavy-duty applications. Linear motion mechanisms that use linear bearings are required to have high stiffness and load-bearing capacity, and the usual linear bearing series cannot meet the above requirements.

Because in some heavy load situations with large working stroke and long linear shaft length, linear bearings are prone to certain bending deformation, thereby reducing the service life of the mechanism. Therefore, choosing an open type linear bearing is a good method for ZUI.

The open linear bearing adopts a special support shaft with extremely high rigidity, which is very suitable for large stroke applications. This special support shaft can reach a length of 2000-4500 mm. At the same time, due to its open structure, it can adjust the gap between the linear shaft and the bearing, and can also pre tighten the bearing.

The cost of a linear motion system using open linear bearings is significantly lower than that of a linear motion system using linear guide mechanisms.


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