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Why use linear bearings in mechanical equipment and what are their advantages?

Issuing time:2022-10-25 14:22Author:直线轴承Source:直线轴承

Why use linear bearings in mechanical equipment and what are their advantages?

Linear bearings are often used in the linear motion of some mechanical equipment, automation equipment, and energy-saving equipment. It is used in combination with a guide shaft, utilizing the rolling motion of the ball to achieve infinite linear motion.

Today, let's discuss in detail the many advantages of linear bearings:

1. Low friction

Linear bearings utilize the rolling motion of balls, and rolling friction is the most friction coefficient

A small friction method. The load increases, but there is no sensitive change in the friction coefficient. So it can maintain accuracy for a long time and maintain the service life of the machinery.

2. Good interchangeability

The installation and use are convenient and time-saving, and the mechanical structure is novel, small, and lightweight. The products of linear bearing seats have been standardized, standardized, and have strict precision requirements, so it is easy to meet customer requirements in terms of interchangeability during assembly or maintenance.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and rust prevention

The linear bearing seat and axis support seat are made of aluminum alloy. After processing, the surface is electroplated, which not only has a beautiful appearance but also corrosiveness. In addition, the axis is hard plated with chromium to prevent rust and has excellent rust prevention effect.

Smooth operation and low noise

The SC, SBR, and TBR series slide through linear bearings in contact with the axis, resulting in minimal frictional resistance. Therefore, the operation is very smooth and low noise.


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