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Enterprise spirit: to establish business with precision, to win with quality, to create Hengli brand, to ensure customer satisfaction
Enterprise mission: to build a good brand, strive to be the benchmark of the auto parts bearing industry, to provide high quality auto parts bearing
Service tenet: customer needs as the center, customer satisfaction as the purpose
Quality policy: Let linear bearings run without worry
      Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a port city on the golden coastline of China, and is a professional manufacturer of linear motion ball bearings and related linear motion products. The spirit of the company is "to establish the industry with precision, to win with quality, to create the brand of Hengli, to ensure customer satisfaction" as the spirit of enterprise, and fully implement the modern management mode.       In order to pursue higher quality requirements, strictly according to the company's quality policy "let the linear bearing worry-free operation" the goal of implementation, and passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, so that the enterprise's quality management on a standardized, programmed, documented track. At the same time, the company continues to introduce advanced automatic special manufacturing equipment and high-precision bearing testing instruments, widely recruit professional and technical personnel in the bearing industry, committed to new product development and research, thus forming a complete production and management system from design and manufacturing to development and service, the quality of the same industry in the country in an outstanding position. At present, it has become the main enterprise of producing linear motion ball bearings in China, and has many patent certificates.       The company will be excellent product quality, good corporate reputation, thoughtful and enthusiastic service to meet the insightful people at home and abroad, new and old friends to visit the company, guidance, negotiate business, we will, as always, dedicated to new and old customers.
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